Now being a 7 times marathon and a number of other races’ finisher, I know there is still so many marathons and races that I want to run. So here is my story of how I became a marathoner.

Back in the day I was a chubby kid who was not only unable to run a singe kilometre without losing breath, but also hated running. Back then I had no idea that one day I would finish a 42.195 km race.

So my running “career” started by running slowly (almost walking) for 10 minutes at a time. I was still “alive” after those first ten minutes and wanted to go again two days later. So I did. Again, and again. Until I was able to run for the whole 15 minutes. And it grew from there.

After many more 10, 15, etc. minute runs I entered a 5 km Jacobs University run and actually finished it.


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