Run… some more


When my friends ask me how do I run the 42.195 km distance, I usually answer with another question. Can you run 5 km or for 5 – 10 minutes? Starting with 5 minute runs and completing the 5 km run, I asked myself why would I not be able to run a marathon…?

In summer of 2010 I moved to study in Amsterdam and signed up for Amsterdam Marathon soon after. My family, friends and people I spoke to about my intention to run a marathon thought I have gone mad. My parents probably thought I was not serious and will quit even before starting the actual race.

It was perfect time to meet Christiaan in a student get together. He was a field and track runner and had much more running experience than I did. At that point, Christiaan was planning on running the half marathon. I could not imagine myself running the marathon when a more experienced runner would take up only half the distance. In the end, I was lucky to convince Christiaan to train with me and run the full Amsterdam Marathon.


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