Choosing My Next Race

Addiction is a crazy feeling. Regardless how tired I was after finishing the Amsterdam Marathon, I soon wanted to sign up for the next race. So here are some things I consider when choosing the next marathon.

Location – It was an easy decision to start my marathon career by running the Amsterdam Marathon, as I lived there at the time. However, now marathon running has developed into a marathon travelling hobby. I try to find opportunities to travel to the place I have never been to. There is no better way to tour the new place, than run 42.195 km in it. For the same reason I make sure I choose different races each time.

Support – I never thought that having someone to cheer me on the marathon day along the course could boost the energy and get me back on the track. Having friends who live in the city or family being able to come for the weekend have become an essential part of my decision for choosing the course.

Route – It is important for me that the course is not only fast or has great scenery. I always make sure that there are no repetitive laps. Often new races have multiple loops to avoid shutting down all the city roads. Once marathon gains popularity, the route can be expanded within the city and number of loops reduced or removed all together.

World Marathon Majors – Tokyo, London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago and New York City. Running one of these races is a dream for most of rookie or experienced marathoners. I was extremely lucky to win the lottery ticket allowing me to run the NYC Marathon. Now I cannot wait to find whether I will be running BMW Berlin Marathon in September.

How do you decide where to run next?


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