Prague Marathon – The Second Attempt

Prague MarathonAfter completing the Amsterdam Marathon we soon decided to go to Prague for our second attempt. This time it was four of us taking up the challenge: Christiaan, Etana, Kathryn and I. It was our second marathon for me and Christiaan, and first for Etana and Kathryn.

The marathon training was more fun as it was four of us going. It was also nice planning the trip together. We managed to find a place to stay through couch surfing in the suburbs of Prague. Of course, our host thought we were crazy. She was not the only one.

The next day after arrival we visited the Marathon Expo to take our bib numbers and indulge in some pasta. We had a chance to tour around and do some sightseeing of the city before the big day. My parents came from Lithuania to support and see me run as well. Before I ran the Amsterdam Marathon, this type of event was completely new to our family.

In the morning of the marathon, we went to the city centre where the rase would start and finish. Even after completing several marathons, I believe the Prague Marathon had the most beautiful start and finish zones. Unfortunately, the beautiful start and finish were the only good parts of the course. Running up and down the hills or bridges, repetitive course and seeing the 34th kilometre sign once after running only 14 and then getting back to the same sign 2 hours later was far from comforting. On the other side, seeing my parents waving the Lithuanian flag at several spots of the course, was incredible.

With some walking I still managed to finish the marathon in time of 4:02:43. Only 2 minutes and 43 seconds away from my 4 hour goal. Maybe next time?
Prague Marathon - Finishers



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