Five Books That Inspire Me To Run


A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington is a remarkable story of how a regular Norfolk girl who “wanted to embrace everything” became an Ironman World Champion. It is an inspiring read where Chrissie talks about her struggles and victories, eating disorders and health issues, her races, personal life and family. She allows us to see one of the most gruelling athletic events from the inside.


Unbelievable – From My Childhood Dreams to Winning Olympic Gold by Jessica Ennis is an autobiography of the heptathlon champion. Jessica was selected to be the face of the 2012 London Olympics and managed to deliver. After being injured just before the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, she never gave up, and overcome this setback to later win the Olympic Gold.


Twin Ambitions – My Autobiography by Mo Farah is an incredible story about not only his athletic career, but also his personal life. A brother of twins who was separated from the family at an early age, struggled through a number of obstacles and difficulties as he grew up in Somalia before coming to Britain at the age of eight. Nevertheless he was able to realise his dream. In this book Mo Farah tells the story of how he used his natural talent for running to reach amazing results with pure determination and hard work.


Marathon Field (lit. Maratono Laukas) by Ignas Staškevičius is a compilation of all things you need to know about running a marathon. Ignas, who has completed a number of marathons and turning to become an ultra-marathoner, gives advice on how to become a successful marathoner: from eating plans to the right running shoes. As he puts it: “Marathon is more than just running the distance – it is a way of life”.


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami is somewhat a running diary of an exceptional novelist. It is easy to relate to the author who began running to keep fit and reflects how the sport has influenced his life and his writing. He also covers his four-month preparation for the 2005 New York City Marathon and settings ranging from Tokyo’s Jingu Gaien gardens to the Charles River in Boston.


2 thoughts on “Five Books That Inspire Me To Run

  1. Thank you. I’m a big fan of autobiographies. If people who wrote the book can do it, it is possible for everybody else.


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