Rome Marathon – My First Under 4 Hours

Rome Marathon Medal
After the ING New York City Marathon was cancelled due to hurricane Sandy I chose Rome Marathon as a safe option. Though nobody expected and were surprised to hear about Pope Benedict resigning in February 2014.

Once Pope Francis was elected the Sunday of the Inaugural Mass and the the Rome Marathon coincided. The marathon was not canceled, but it was close to have it postponed to a later time or date. Luckily the Rome Marathon took place as planned with a slightly change of the course – the Vatican part was cut out for security reasons during the mass.

A couple of days before the marathon I flew to Rome where together with my parents we stayed at a lovely hotel just a couple of blocks away from the Coliseum and the start/finish line.

Starting from the Coliseum on a sunny March Sunday and running through the streets of Rome was exceptional. Beautiful roads along the river, bridges, city landmarks made the run exciting and interesting. However, no matter the scenery and several months of preparation the race did not go without me hitting the “wall” at around 37th kilometre. (To give you a better idea how it feels when this happen – check out the clip from Run Fatboy Run)

I managed to pick myself together and going, even running all the rest the distance and finally make it under 4 hours – in 3:49:38. It was a rather close one. I was however pleased with myself to be able to reach my goal and planned to run the next marathon in under 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Marathon Finisher


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