Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon – Can I Make it Faster?

Madrid Marathon medal
For Rock’n’Roll Madrid Marathon I set myself a target to finish in under 3 hours and 40 minutes so I could better my previous personal best. However, I had no idea that this Marathon was going to be what it was in the end. To begin with, the starting line was very chaotic – it seemed like everybody had an incredibly hard time finding their way around: where to leave their bags, which group was starting, where to start. Once I started the race and tried to follow one of the pace makers, they seemed to be lost even more than marathon runners themselves.

At least the course was incredibly beautiful, looping around the city: narrow streets, historical buildings, attractive squares and parks. We were equally lucky with an amazing weather – so I had a chance to get a good tan.

Probably my favourite part of the race was the 14th kilometre where the marathon and the half marathon courses split. It felt like good friends saying “see you later” to one another as “lucky” marathoners turned right to continue for another 28 kilometres while the rest were already turing towards the finish line.

In another 2 hours I was almost at the finish line myself. Not before I had to climb a 5 km long incline. That did not help to finish fast. Only then I turned to Parque del Retiro and finished the Rock’n’Roll Madrid Marathon in 3 hours 45 minutes and 59 seconds. I was extremely happy to finish, pleased to see my parents as I was crossing the line, and craved for some local Spanish beer.

Madrid Marathon Finish


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