Battersea Park 5k MoRun – My Fastest 5 km

Back in November  I ran my second MoRun – this time a 5 km run in the Battersea Park. Since I already run in Battersea park for majority of my runs, I thought I might as well be a good idea to take part in the race and get a medal for it.

On Sunday morning I took my regular route and ran towards the park where I joined a ridiculously long line to get my bib number. Even though numbers were split in different groups – I was “lucky”. My queue was by far the longest.

People in costumes from karate or samurai to Super Mario or Luigi – all were getting ready for the Mo Run. Some still in line and some already with their bib numbers.

Once with my bib, it was time to go to the start and get ready to start. The run went better than expected as I was able to keep a fast pace. I managed to run the 5 km distance in 22 minutes and 13 seconds – my fastest 5 km so far.




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