METRO GROUP Marathon Düsseldorf – My 10th Marathon

thumb_IMG_4695_1024METRO GROUP Marathon Düsseldorf – being my 10th marathon was also close to being the first one that I would have to cancel.

When registering for the marathon in October I had no idea I was about to have an injury on my left elbow – bursitis (also known as student’s elbow) which caused me to stop running. While my elbow did not hurt, the inflammation made it very discomforting to run and I could not wait to have it treated. I went back to Lithuania and had the liquids drained on the Christmas eve. It was not long before I had to treat it again by the end of February. I took my injury treatment more seriously this time and cut off all physical activity until the end of March.

I was very happy to see my elbow heal – or at least not getting worse. I was even more excited about getting back to running. I started running slowly with short distances of 3 km at a time and working the distance up. The last week before the marathon I was still not sure if I should run the race. With the longest run of 19km in my bag I took off for Düsseldorf. I knew I could always stop running at any time, and had a good reason to quit.

I am so pleased I went on to and ran the marathon in the end.

Besides the marathon I was happy to see and  stay with my running partner – Nicole and meet her friends. During the stay I also toured Düsseldorf, saw my friend Anna in Osnabrück, visited Münster and tried a wide variety of German beers. For that reason I was happy not to worry about my marathon time.

The day before the marathon, we went to the Marathon Expo to pick up our bibs and see what different companies and marathon promoters had to offer.

And then it was the Marathon morning. Nicole’s brother picked us up and drove to the start line. While I had a moment to stay worm in the tent, I soon had to give away my bag and my warm jacket before getting to the start. I wanted to start at the back of the crowd to make sure nobody hits my elbow.

The forecast promised rain just after I was expected to finish the race, but it was rather cold and sunny at the same time. I even started thinking I had overdressed once again. “Luckily” it started hailing when I was running my 14th kilometre. I later realised it was the location around the bridge where all the hail happened.  IMG_4894.PNGOpposite from weather conditions, the course was fantastic. It was flat and winding – I only wished I was more prepared.

Regardless, I was happy to run and as I was completing each kilometre I was more convinced I will finish. By no means it was an easy marathon. I felt it to be harder every 7th kilometre. However, as I would get over to the 8th or 15th km – I felt better again. There were multiple stations along the course with water, isotonic drinks, cola and bananas. Later in the race besides energy gels, I carried on me, and water, I also had cola to make sure my body was not lacking sugar.

As always for me just after the middle of the marathon distance – at around 23rd km – I felt the worst. I was not trained for more than 20 kilometres and was glad to being able to continue. HoweverI felt fitter than expected. I even “missed” the 26th and 41st kilometres which to some extent made the marathon feel shorter.

When I crossed the finish line I was ecstatic. I finished my 10th marathon in 4 hours, 9 minutes and 43 seconds.


One thought on “METRO GROUP Marathon Düsseldorf – My 10th Marathon

  1. Great race review! It’s so great you were able to overcome your injuries and have a great race. Every time we cross the finish line we win! Congrats!

    I am fascinated by reading about runners around the world and I love to travel. I just started a new site for people to post their favourite runs around the world, if you are interested check it out I would love to hear about your favourite running routes!


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