Wimbledon Common Half Marathon – Probably The Hardest One So Far

I often say how much I enjoy the half marathon distance – “you give all you have and by the time you are out of energy – you see the finish”. Well, Wimbledon Common Half Marathon felt a bit harder than usual. Maybe because it was a hot day or maybe I was simply not ready for it.

Early Sunday morning I took the bus to the far side of London – Wimbledon Common. The start/finish line was set at the far end of the field. It took some time to get to the start line.

Once the race began, the two laps course lead past the field up the hill inside the forest. This first steep hill was ok at the beginning, it felt much harder the second time around. The course was not particularly interesting either: fields, forests, hills, and barely any spectators.

To add to my boredom, my headphones went out of battery just around the end of the the first lap (and I always listen to music while running). So I was so happy to finish the Wimbledon Common Half Marathon (probably the hardest one so far) in 1 hour 58 minutes and 1 second.


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