Cancer Research UK London Winter Run – First Step of London Marathon Training

winter-run-2017Almost exactly one year ago I ran Cancer Research UK London Winter Run and managed to run my personal best for 10 km (48:33). In addition to me being much more prepared it was a very cold and rainy day. Back then I was dreaming of going the distance as fast as i could-  I just wanted to complete the course and get worm.

However this time I really enjoyed the run regardless how slaw my pace and how terrible my time was. I wanted to test my fitness, see how I am feeling  and if my foot pain (I felt recently) will be nagging at all. It all went flawlessly. I started slow and steady and continued that way throughout the course. I had a chance to chat with some fellow runners along the course, helping pace from each other. There were snow guns, “polar bears”, “penguins” drummers and band singers to make the run more entertaining.

I was well pleased to finish in 55 minutes as I felt good and most importantly – pain free. I feel this was a great start to the London Marathon preparation which I am running in support of NSPCC.

Brighton Half Marathon next.

P.S. You can still donate and help me support the NSPCC (an amazing organisation as it helps children to be freed from abuse)

Donate at 

Thank you!img_7803


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