Vitality Brighton Half Marathon – First Half Marathon of the Year


Vitality Brighton Half Marathon 2017 – is my first half marathon in 2017. And I have mixed feelings about this one. Maybe because I had to get up at odd hour (5 am to be exact) so I make it to the start line on time. Or maybe the weather during the race: windy, rainy – definitely not my favourite. It was a “nice” mix of drizzle and wind.

I felt that bag drop area was one of the biggest organisational flaws of this race. It was placed at the very far end of the Race Village making runners go far to leave and then get back the bags also causing mini traffic jams next to the start/finish line.

The second flaw – lack of water stations. Three water stations were definitely not enough for a half marathon race, regardless if it is wet and rainy. Also there were two of these at the first part of the half marathon leaving only 1 water station for the remaining 7 miles.

The course itself was hilly  and even though was going through the same path front and back it did not seem too repetitive. There was barely any milage signs or I somehow missed them. I remember running Prague marathon years ago and seeing mile 14 sign when I was just beginning the race. Additionally the course was rather narrow at the beginning of the race where I had to slow down in order not to run into others. Later, I also tried hiding from the wind behind other runners.

I was happy to have some power gels to help me get enough intake of carbohydrates and caffeine. I was worried that lack of water may cause problems as I should have water when having gels. After all, these gels helped me finish the race in 2 hours, 2 minutes and 57 seconds.

For me the finish area was more organised than the rest of the race. There were many volunteers who gave finishers’ medals, heat blankets, water (about time), Lucozade, nuts and other snack. I also met the current Mayor of Brighton & Hove – Pete West. He was giving finishers’ medals and was very kind to take a picture with me.

Vitality North London Half Marathon on 12th of March is my next race preparing for London Marathon I am running for NSPCC. You can donate and help me support their mission fighting to end child abuse –


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