Vitality North London Half Marathon – Last Big Race Before London Marathon

w%gxFFLxQ22+Ak6Zjdju9A_thumb_19b7Vitality North London Half Marathon – was my last big race in preparation for London Marathon I am running and fundraising for NSPCC – a children’s charity fighting to end child abuse (

The race finished in the famous Wembley Stadium but the course was far from easy. At least the weather was much better compared to that during the Brighton half just a couple weeks back.

It all started with a “nice” hill. But as my brother always says: “When there is an incline there is a decline soon after”. However when there is one hill after another, downhills do not make you as happy as not having hills all together.

The course went from Wembley Stadium to Allianz Park and back. The organisation of the race was great as there were plenty of water stations. Volunteers were keen to help you get that water bottler even if they had to run along you or had to throw it to you. Oh and they did. It was a massive improvement from Brighton Half Marathon.

What I did not like was the mile marks – there was barely any at the first half. I only saw mile marks for the route back even I still had to do at least 10 kilometres to be back to it. I also expected to enter the stadium as soon as I reached after completing 21 kilometres, not after running laps around it.

Even though the finish line in Wembley Stadium was nice I I had to run on the artificial gras instead of a track. At least by then I new I was close to the finish.

I ran Vitality North London Half Marathon slower than Brighton Half, however I felt good being able to run it and finish it 2:07:27



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