Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 – The One I ran for NSPCC

FullSizeRender-2The idea of running London Marathon has always been a dream, but getting a ballot place is almost impossible. This year I have decided to join the Salesforce marathon team and run for NSPCC. NSPCC is a charity fighting child abuse. I was glad to be part of their cause and equally scared knowing I had to raise up to £2,200.

I couldn’t have expected more generous reaction from my family and friends than I have received. So far I have received 139 donations which helped me go well beyond my target. There were also people who have said they will donate. I am very grateful for both. Thank you!

NSPCC was and still is extremely supportive. They made sure I have my running vest and any additional cheering materials needed ready. NSPCC was always ready to answer my questions about the race or charity. Throughout the whole time I was very happy to be running for them and felt part of their team.

Fundraising going fantastic, I thought I was equally ready for the marathon. I got up for an early morning start on Sunday and took the train to Greenwich park. I met with other NSPCC runners as well as our Salesforce marathon team and soon after it was time to go to the start line.

It was a great atmosphere as people were getting ready with their costumes, fancy dresses, or in one particular case were getting married. They all were taking part in Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 for many different reason.

When I started I ran my first 10 km in a relatively fast pace and soon had to slow down. Throughout the course I was always watching out for NSPCC signs. I was extremely happy to see my mom at 15th kilometre. I was also getting closer to the halfway point – the Tower Bridge. Running through the bridge felt magnificent. I made sure I ran through the middle of the road and enjoyed the experience.

Soon after the course turned towards Canary Wharf. That’s where, at around 29th kilometre to be exact, I hit the wall. For me it felt like Berlin Marathon struggle all over again. There was nothin else I could do. So I started walking – as fast as I could. But then I started really making the best of the situation and making the best of me hitting the wall – I made sure I enjoy and have the best time the race could give me. I thanked supporters, I cheered the crowd and could not stop smiling.

I was happy to see my mom again at 35th kilometre. By then I knew, running or walking, I will finish the marathon.

I finished in 5 hours and 24 minutes. While I am not proud of my time I had a lot of fun, I enjoyed the race and was happy to promote NSPCC. What I am proud of is being part of NSPCC and help them support their fight against child abuse. I am also very grateful for my friends and family who helped my dream become reality.

If you still wish to donate, please do so at Thank you

Next race: Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon


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