Virgin Sport The British 10k

IMG_9438Just over one week ago I ran the British 10k. My first race since London marathon in April.

It was a sunny and hot Sunday morning when I left my house and took the tube towards Trafalgar Square to search for the start area. Finding the area and the bag drop was not as easy as I was initially expected.

I did manage to get to the bag drop and after waiting out the porter-loo queue and leaving my bag I went to the start line. It took ages to get to the start line as well – I had no idea that there will be so many people taking part.

I started nice and slow. Not only because it was a uphill, but more because I knew how out of shape I was. The course was beautiful as it went past Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster and along the Thames river. There were multiple entertainment stands and, what I thought, too few water stations. Especially for a very hot day like the day of the race. There were also mist/shower stations as well. However as always I to avoided these – as I’m afraid of getting my shoes wet.

After all I was able to complete the race in 1 hour and 9 minutes. I am not proud of it – just happy to finish. Oh.. It was also very very hot.



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